Jumanah's Nepal Journey

Reflections and Words of Wisdom

Hi guys, It's been exactly a week since I've been at home and I'm not going to lie, the first few days back were not easy. I had spent the past three months constantly surrounded by people as well as... Continue Reading →


Nepal, you’ve been great!

Hi guys, I am currently on my way home and whilst I will be glad to be back home, I'm also feeling extremely emotional. The past three months as challenging as they have been, have given me so many new... Continue Reading →

The countdown begins…

Hi guys, With only a week left in community, it's been a jam-packed week with events everyday, some being a lot more stressful than others. On the 21st we held an awareness session on menopause and uterine prolapse for the... Continue Reading →

Debates and Spelling Bees

Hi guys, The past week has been a tough one. Last Thursday, after our team meeting, I received a phone call from home to let me know my grandma had passed away. At the time, all I wanted was to... Continue Reading →

Sunrise To Sickness

Hi guys, The past few weeks we have spent carrying out awareness sessions in both the schools and the community. Whilst some were carried out by us, we also put on sessions using our peer educators as well as hiring... Continue Reading →

Nepal’s Caste System 

It is sometimes really easy for us to overlook how fortunate we really are; this is something I have thought about a lot after having a conversation with my counterpart.  In the more rural areas of Nepal, such as Kalimati,... Continue Reading →

Getting Into The Swing Of Things

Hi Guys, Our Gender equality session went better than expected on Saturday; we had a turn out of thirty adults and twenty children, including men who we didn't think would come. It was difficult for Chloe and I to actually... Continue Reading →

A New Place, A New Name

Hi Guys, The past few days we've spent planning for our work at the local schools and in the community as all the students currently have exams and so we are unable to start our work with them. We did... Continue Reading →

The Great 3G Rock

Hi guys, So I'm finally in my community: Kalimati! The ride from Baglung City to here was even worse than the drive from Kathmandu to Baglung which I didn't think was possible! It started off with five of us in... Continue Reading →

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